10 Simple Steps to Get a Business Loan Anyone who goes to their bank to apply for a personal loan for emergencies would end up wishing they had not. This is due to the time-consuming process and the effort and time one has to put in just to have the applying process completed.  If this is not bad enough already, people would have to end up waiting an eternity to know if their loan application is approved. The worst part is, having to provide the necessary documentation and then the bank running a credit check on the applicant.  How to Get Instant Loans? The process for applying instant installment loans for bad credit is not such a difficult process. In fact, it is far easier and less time consuming too. By filling an online application and submitting it, you can have your loan approved in 24 hours.  Documentation Process The documentation required to apply for these instant loans is done online as well. By providing the following details, you can have an application submitted on the internet. 
  • Legal name and address details
  • Proof the applicant being 18 or over in age
  • Current employment and income details
  • Valid proof of residency in the United States
  • Working bank account details
One would not have a good credit score as these institutions providing loans do not check for the credit history. This enables even people with a bad credit record to apply and get a loan sanctioned with these companies.  Receiving Money and Repayment Upon submitting these details and after they are verified by the institution, they would do a direct deposit of the loan amount to your bank. All these things happen without having to waste your valuable time with the process. Your repayments are typically longer with these installment loans for bad credit