Okay, we’ve all heard the reviews from friends and family.

“Oh, The Secret, my friend read it and said it was a joke so I didn’t bother,” says Mom.

“It worked for a while and then I gave up because I didn’t get the car I wanted,” says Uncle Larry.

“It’s just a lot of metaphysical hokum,” says Steve your best friend.

Let’s be quite honest, each and every one of those statements is absolutely true. Look at the search results there are just as many con articles as there are pro articles written about The Law of Attraction and The Secret. So we must say that the statements are true. FOR THEM!

Yes for them. They got out of it exactly what they put into it, and I am sure that what they put into it was exactly what most people put into it. “I’ve read the book, now where’s my Ferrari.”

The fact of the matter is, there is a Secret to the Secret and The Law of Attraction, in fact, make that 3 Secrets. The first will leave most people kicking themselves. The second is perhaps something that most people fail to recognize. The third, well the third takes some work but there are two professionals who are ready to help you!

Let’s start with the first Secret. What does the Secret warn you about straight away in the book? The Universe manifests our thoughts and it cautions us to focus on our thoughts and remain positive. It’s kind of a scare tactic. Think bad thoughts and bad things will happen to you; think good thoughts and you’ll get good things (The Ferrari).

There is a better way to explain this because of the simple fact that in many ways, we do what most children will do when faced with this dilemma. We’ll act good until we get what we want and then go back to normal after we get it. Think I’m wrong? Ask yourself why all the little terrors in your neighborhood become angels around Christmastime!

The same goes for us if we don’t get what we want. We’re good positive people and we think about the new house or money and after a while we don’t get what we want and feel foolish and cheated and revert back to the glass is half-empty realists we were.