Choosing a name is probably one of the hardest decisions you will make for your business, after all once the decision is made you’re more or less stuck with it.

So where can you find inspiration? These ideas may help:

Name it after yourself:

After all, it’s your business.

Paul Berry Photography – Photography from Paul Berry
Name it after someone else:

Naming your business after a loved one, can show your customer’s how much you love your business:

Ruby’s Closet – Girl’s clothing boutique named after owner’s “little lady”
Samakhar Crafts – uses initials of all the family, Sa for Sarah (owner), Ma for Martin (husband), then K, Ha and R for the 3 children
Wear my Jewellery – not named after someone but was created by the owner’s 7 year old daughter at play.
Clearly state what it does on the tin:

What better way to tell your customers what you do by including it in your business name?

Stories For Tots – Storyteller and story making for events, parties and schools
The Freelance Copywriter – the right words at the right time, every time
Newcastle Fitness Solutions – based in Newcastle, providing solutions to fitness
Chocolate Fountain Hire, Party Booth Hire, Extreme Laser Tag…

Try creating a word out of other words to make up your own business names. my favourite two are for IT businesses:

SoHo IT Solutions – identifies clients and outlines services – Small Office Home Office IT Solutions
HABIT Systems – Home And Business IT Systems
Relevant words:

Picking a memorable word that embodies you and/or your business can have just as much impact:

Verity Wealth Management – Verity = truth
Halcyon VA – Halcyon = calm and peaceful
Work it baby – designed to improve fitness, help you lose weight and, most importantly, have fun
Jimmy Choux – a cake company playing on words
Get creative:

Crafty Sheep – candle company, named after the owner’s penchant for doodling sheep
Minerva Stitchcraft – named after Minerva the Roman Goddess of Arts & Crafts
Or maybe have a mixture of all of the above but above all make sure you like it. Road test a few ideas with your family and friends. Don’t get to attached, it’s a business decision at the end of the day and should be taken very seriously.