Every biker loves to cruise along cross-country roads to reach their destination. However, it isn’t always possible to fulfill the desire of biking especially when you are relocating to a new region across the country. The only profitable solution is shipping your bike. The bikers of California can enjoy the benefits of bike shipping by hiring the services of a reputable vehicle transporter.  One such highly popular auto shipper is Ship a Car, Inc ready to transport a vehicle to any place in the USA. You can check their credentials by visiting their website and booking the date of shipping your bike. You won’t regret your decision as your bike will be safely transported to the required destination without any hassle. 

Here are a few pointers to help you do bike shipping with ease:

  • You need to decide the options of trailers perfect for transporting your bike. It can be an open or closed carrier. The open carrier is safe, budget-friendly and opted by many vehicle owners. However, there are chances of your bike being subjected to outside elements as it is hauled in an open carrier. You may need to wash the bike once you receive it at your destination. In the enclosed carrier the bike is quite safe from any harm however it will be costlier. Many new bike owners prefer the enclosed carrier option. 
  • The shippers should have the license and also insurance to cover if unfortunately the bike gets damaged while shipping. 
  • Comparing the quotes will help you to choose the transporter quoting the reasonable price. You can check online, contact them and ask for their quotes after describing your destination from California and the date of shipping. You can even tick out the required special services as well before asking them to provide the quote for shipping the bike. You can make the comparison work easier by contacting a website that is popular in evaluating the best company quotes for their clients. 
  • Once you have decided to hire a particular auto shipper service then the next step is to book the date. Always remember that it may take more than three days to transport your vehicle cross country. Sometimes, more days will be counted by the transporters if the bike needs to be delivered in a small town or village which is far from the main highways. 
  • It is essential to verify the condition of your bike before shipping. It is useful to take pictures of your bike’s outer appearance to understand whether there was any damage done while shipping it. The pictures will act as evidence to claim insurance money. 
  • Any personal things shouldn’t be left on the bike. It is helpful to tighten the saddlebag slaps and cover the head lamps and side mirrors to prevent damage. 
  • You don’t need to empty the fuel or gas tank as will need the fuel to ride the bike from the transporter’s yard. The battery doesn’t need to be disconnected as well. 
Armed with the tips any biker can easily find the best auto transporter to ship their bike anywhere in the USA.