It was one of the first wallet introduced to store the Tezos. It contains one of the major communities of easy to use, powerful and secure wallets. It mainly deals with storing and trading of Tezos. Almost all the cryptocurrency marketplace had verified Tezbox as a secure and trustable wallet. Earlier Tezbox ICO system is used for storing the Tezos but later on, this process is ended. How to use Tezbox to get Tezos tokens Firstly, you have to make an account on Tezbox’s website. On the website, you have to click on the online wallet option for creating an account. Make sure the presence of https in URL used for opening an account. After that, you will be provided with two options on the website. First, create Tezbox, and second, restore Tezbox. If you want to restore your Tezos than click on the restore Tezbox and for a new Tezbox account click on the create Tezbox. Remember that KYC is necessary for opening a Tezbox account. After opening the account, you can send you Tezos in the cryptocurrency marketplace for trading. Advantages of Tezbox wallet
  • Security – In Tezbox all private keys of Tezos are stored in the device safely. It secures your keys with Trezor and Ledger technologies. Several audits are also successfully completed by Tezbox which helps in enhancing the privacy and security of the wallet.
  • Decentralized wallet – Tezbox wallet gives you full access to your Tezos without any hindrance.
  • Easy to use – Tezbox uses a simple advanced programming language which makes it easy to use and more secure.
How to restore your Tezos from ICO For a long time, Tezos ICO has ended but a big amount of Tezos is still not restored from ICO. To recover your Tezos from Tezbox ICO. Firstly, you have to open the account on Tezbox wallet.  items you need to order for restoring your Tezos.
  • Seed phrase from ICO which can be available on the PDF
  • Password used in ICO account
  • Email address used for opening or signed up for the ICO
  • Your public key of ICO
And after that, you will receive an activation code after completion of the KYC or verification process. Once, you receive your activation code then you have to activate your Tezos address and after that, your ICO Tzos will merge in the Tezbox account. How Tezbox is different from other wallets It uses Trezor and ledger technologies which makes it more private and secure. It creates decentralized wallets that give you full access to your Tezos. Compared to any other wallet it is easier to use as it uses a simple programming language. Tezbox ICO helps you to restore your Tezos from the ICO account. Tezbox applications can be operated by any platform. It supports all digital platforms. It has its own blockchain network it does not connect you to any centralized network. You can easily access, upgrade, and manage your account. It is one of the best application available for storing and trading of Tezos with a secure platform.