Printed banners are one of the most effective and cost-efficient methods for in-person advertising. They allow business owners to advertise sales, services, promotional goods, and more. Promotional banners come in many shapes, sizes, and materials, though, so business owners must determine which of them will best meet their needs before placing an order with a Las Vegas banner company. Read on to find out about a few of the most popular options.

Vinyl Banners

Vinyl banners are the most common form of printed banner. They’re designed to be able to withstand the elements and can be cut to virtually any size. Use them to advertise weekly specials, grand openings, new product offerings, and more without having to worry about whether they will hold up to inclement weather.

Mesh Banners

While vinyl banners are solid, and often quite heavy, mesh banners are equipped with perforations that allow the wind to pass through. This makes them perfect for windy areas such as chain link fences. It’s common to see mesh banners at construction sites advertising the contractor’s services or the project being completed.

Step and Repeat Banners

Step and repeat banners, often referred to as press walls, are most commonly found at major events and parties. They’re perfect for corporate events. Business owners can have their logos printed repeatedly on the banner then place it in a prominent location. Guests can then be directed to take photos in front of the banner, just like at a red carpet event, generating interest and adding an extra level of brand marketing to the mix. Step and repeat banners come in a wide variety of sizes and styles, so it’s easy for corporations, non-profits, and other organizations to find solutions that will fit their needs.

Retractable Banners

Retractable banners, also called pop-up banners, are designed to be easy to transport and quick to set up. They also have a very small footprint compared to other printed banner types, making them extremely versatile. Order retractable banners for trade shows, office events, and industry conferences, place them on banner stands, and enjoy the extra attention.

Window Prints

Window prints attract plenty of positive attention to retail stores, restaurants, hotels, and myriad other commercial establishments. They’re designed for direct application to storefronts and large windows, allowing business owners to take advantage of all that extra visual real estate. Some types of window prints are perforated to allow light in, while others create a solid image, so think about the location and its unique needs before choosing a window print.

Wall Wraps

Like window prints, wall wraps allow business owners to use visual real estate that would otherwise go unnoticed to advertise products and services or add ambiance to their commercial environments. These oversized prints can be applied to either indoor or outdoor walls and offer a level of detail that just can’t be matched by even professional painters.

The Bottom Line

Competition is fierce among brick-and-mortar business owners in Las Vegas, but the right print advertisements can offer a competitive edge. Don’t stop at putting up a vinyl banner to advertise the store’s grand opening. Find ways to incorporate different types of commercial prints into the store’s normal operations to make full use of their advertising potential.