Landscape insurance companies are also known as lawn care companies because they take care of the business related to gardening. These lawn care businesses involve a high risk of accidental damages and monetary losses. A good landscape insurance policy will help small-scale entrepreneurs protect the company from the destructive impacts of the injuries caused by those uncertainties. The cost that usually incurs on taking landscape insurance depends on certain factors, including the coverage of requirements and the value of the policy selected. A high amount of policy coast will provide more benefits to the insured owner. The business owner pays the monthly premium to avail of the advantage of an insurance claim after the time of crisis. The cost and premium amount of policy vary from workload to duration like the premium for mowing will be lower than that of the hard Scape specialization.

7 main landscape insurance facilities provided by the landscape insurance companies are:

  1. General liability: It is the most chosen type of landscape insurance as it includes the expenses of anybody’s injury to the worker or any destruction to the property. This scheme work as a prerequisite for the workers that perform these tasks.
  2. Commercial vehicle: If a landscape business owner uses his truck to supply landscape pieces of equipment such as mowers, mulches, fertilizers, etc., he might need this policy because it has coverage limitations for cars utilized for work. The landscaping business insurance company insures trucks, trailers, and other vehicles for transportation under this policy.
  3. Business owner’s policy: It is also called BOP and consists of both the above policies, general liability, and commercial vehicle insurance. It ensures commercial premises and private land in a single package or scheme.
  4. Workers’ compensation: This form of policy protects the employees or workers working under the small scale landscape business owner if they become sick or injured during the landscape work.
  5. Inland marine coverage: It is a type of landscape insurance covering the protection of cargo transportation across the land. It lowers the risk of a business owner by securing the materials and tools that are in transit, while they are overseas until it reaches the warehouse or with the owner.
  6. Pesticide insurance: It is a pest control policy under landscape insurance that is selected to protect pollution caused by the pesticides inserted into the fields or the landscape area. It also takes care of the expiration date of certain chemicals used by the business owner and his employees.
  7. Umbrella coverage: The insurance scheme ensures the complete risks and expenses of all the other policies combined, including property, compensation of workers, inland marine, etc. It is the most useful but a bit expensive than other systems due to its broad coverage.

A piece of final advice: All small scale business owners are strongly recommended to go for a suitable landscape insurance policy that provides efficient and effective results in maintaining and expanding their business.