Whenever you solder or braze, you will run into the problem of inhaling a lot of smoke. The problem does not simply rectify if you open the window of your work station. Even proper ventilation might not be enough. Fans will help to circulate the smoke but not remove it.

Air pressure and wind from the windows or doors will always be greater than the wind that the fan blows out, so a small amount of smoke is bound to come back into the work station.

The best solution to this problem is a smoke absorber, which has an integrated fume extraction system and an activated carbon filter. This device will be able to pull the fumes through the filter and make it completely safe.

Here are the top reasons to use smoke absorber:

  • It helps in the removal of harmful fumes

One of the main reasons on why to use a smoke absorber is that it helps in the proper removal of the toxic fumes. It will reduce the probability of getting health issues related to the inhalation of such toxic fumes coming from the work station. While you are soldering, you breathe in a lot of lead, which is very bad for the health of your lungs.

  • You will be following the rules and regulations set by the authorities.

There are many regulations in place to keep the workplace in check. SMT line smoker absorber will ensure that you meet the required guidelines and help you pass the routine inspections from the authorities.

  • Removes all the harmful contagions in the air

The extractor will not only remove the toxic fumes from the air in the work station but also the small particles in the air that could prove harmful. The carbon filter will ensure that all harmful particles are filtered out, and you will breathe only clean air.

  • Verity of filtration options is available.

There are many kinds of filters that are available for your extraction device. They include the very capable HEPA filter and activated carbon filter. The activated carbon filter is the most efficient as it traps particles very easily. It helps in the absorption of fumes, odors, and smoke. Smt line smoker absorber has both variants.

  • Provides ventilation

In spaces where there are no windows, the system can provide the essential ventilation that is required.

These are the reasons why you need to get a smoke absorber for your work area.