Is Bitcoin (BTC) price going to reach $50.000 in June and December 2021? What can help BTC price reach this level? Who can help you as a merchant get fast and easy access to a reliable and affordable Bitcoin merchant account? Just read below to know. 

Investors Betting on $50K BTC Price in 2021       

Recently, traders have been betting on $150.000 worth of BTC $50K call options for June and December 2021. These trades have been intermediating by LedgerX derivatives exchange. But what about the rationale behind these trades?

Some are taking into account the 100% volatility of the cryptocurrency observed annually, and this is rather high. The probability that the Bitcoin price will jump to $50.000 is less than 8%. 

On the other hand, the number of investors betting on the price of the cryptocurrency reaching an unprecedented $50.000 by the next year is growing. 

By the way, there’s another call option for a $25.000 strike for December 2021. This is currently being traded at $1.750. If the Bitcoin price accounts for $40.000, the buyer will profit $13.250, thus ending up with a huge 650% return on investment. 

This isn’t the only news associated with Bitcoin. Let’s move forward to discover more about the crypto money. 

Bitcoin Price Won’t Go to Zero

The price of the crypto money won’t officially go to zero. What’s the reason? Well, on July 9, entrepreneur and Bitcoin bull Alistair Milne tweeted that he’d placed an order for 18.52 million BTC ($174 billion) on exchange Bitfinex. This exceeds the existing supply.

To make the purchase, Milne needs to have a sum of $185.200, which currently makes up 19.7 BTC if he decides to put aside part of his holdings for this purpose.

Given the current situation and the changes in payments, it’s too important for merchants to find the right merchants services provider to work with. A true payment processing professional will offer you fast and easy access to the most secure and cheapest possible payment processing services, including a Bitcoin merchant account

However, not all people in the space believe that Bitcoin has no chances to go down. E.g., according to Cointelegraph, gold bug Peter Schiff believes that the cryptocurrency will go down, while gold will be the winner. 

So, more and more investors are betting on $50K BTC price in 2021. Some believe the crypto money will go down. All you need is to keep your finger on the pulse and work only with a reliable merchant services provider to succeed.        

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