Here are 3 techniques you can begin to apply with the law of attraction for intense results. Each technique is a meditation on the law of attraction. Although there are many ancient and magical techniques that you can create outstanding results these 3 will begin the process to seeing results.

Change the Meaning And Your Attraction Will Change

One of the most effective techniques to putting the law of attraction into attraction over drive is to change you’re your perspective of the thing you want. For example those people who are economically poor see money as unattainable, hard to come by and there is the belief that wealth can be attained only through very hard work. You cannot attract easily what you have to work hard for. The law of attraction is all about being. You attract more of what you become inside.

If you are working hard to attract money you are resonating with not having any. So you are in essence without, and attract more of not having. It’s quite tricky, I know. That’s why a dedicated mental manifesting training must be applied to change your mind’s perception of being abundant.

Weaving a Powerful Spell Over Money

Those who attract wealth and abundance easily have a unique relationship with money compared to those who have a hard time attracting it. Those who attract wealth easily see money as serving them. They have assigned an animated nature towards acquiring wealth and abundance. By shifting the perspective and animating money they place the desire within the money so that it desires to work for them as opposed to them working hard for money.

It’s a creative process that removes the stress of attraction out of the mind and brings on a fun playful attraction process. As you shift the paradigm between you and money, the attraction changes, money will come to you. Money will be dreaming its way towards you, as opposed to you chasing money.